Kurgo Backseat Bridge/ Booster Seat

Compact booster seat for keeping dogs secure and comfortable whilst vehicle is in motion, Suitable for small breeds up to 14 kg (30 lbs)
Compatible with most bucket seats and certain bench seats with headrest, Hanging basket design for safety: passenger airbag will not deploy in the event of an accident due to no weight on seat
Easy to raise or lower position thanks to long adjustable top strap (max. length 150 cm), Adjustable tether with carabiner clip for easy attachment to any dog harness, Zippered pockets for essentials, Collapsible design for storage

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Kurgo Car Safety Tether for Dogs with Carabiner Clip, Connects Harness to Seatbelt, One Size, Black/Blue, Dog Seatbelt Loop, 01187

Dog tether for vehicle travel, For keeping dogs safely contained in the rear seat of cars, Universal fit compatible with most vehicles
Enhanced safety: reduces driver distraction, protects passengers and prevents dogs launching forward in the event of a sudden stop
Quick and easy harness attachment via carabiner clip: no need to undo seatbelt when dog enters or exits the vehicle

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Kurgo Vehicle Safety Harness for Dogs, Universal Seatbelt Attachment via Carabiner Clip, Size: Medium – Suitable for Medium Sized Breeds, Adjustable Fit, Red, Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Smart Harness, 01405

Secure dog harness for vehicle travel, For keeping dogs safe in cars and protecting them against sudden movements, Comfortable and easy to use on short or long journeys
Size: Medium (11-23 kg/ 25-50 lbs, neck 40-63 cm, chest 46-71 cm), Suitable for border collies, Samoyeds and similar sized breeds, Adjustable shoulder, belly and back straps for easy on/off and secure fit
Rigorously crash-tested for safety, Compatible with all vehicles – universal seatbelt attachment via carabiner clip, Extra 25 cm tether included for freedom of movement, Lightweight design suitable for everyday use, Padded chest panel for comfort

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