Dog Activity Agility Tunnel – Create A Varied Fitness Program For Your Dog To Keep Him Fit And Healthy

500 x 60 x 60 cm (L x W x H)
Conforms to FCI (World Canine Federation) standards
Tunnel is 60 cm diameter

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Pine Wood Activity Agility Seesaw – Perfect for Providing your Dog with A Varied Fitness Program While you Build On your Relationship Together

This agility seesaw is made of stained pine wood.
Comes with a special no-slip covering so that your dog can walk safely.
Maximum weight capacity is 80kg.

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Trixie 39581 Therm’o’ Dog Insulation for Dog Kennel # 39551

Made of durable polyester
With foam padding
Ideal protection from the cold and damp

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Trixie Dog Activity Agility Dogwalk, 456 x 64 x 30 cm

An eventful fitness programme
With contact zones marked by colour
Non-slip rubber coating for a secure grip

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Trixie Dog Pick-Up Poop Scooper

24 × 10 pcs Dog Pick Up dog poop scooper.
Includes bag.

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Trixie Natura Plastic Door for Kennel with Gabled Roof-Parent

Kennel door with gabled roof
Made from plastic material
Protection from wind, rain and cold

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Trixie Natural Rubber Dog Disc

It is a good interactive toy
Durable and floatable toy
Low risk of injury

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Trixie Pet Products

Gambling Tower challenges your dog to pull drawers out in the correct order in order to earn their reward
Also includes three cones for hiding small rewards within the base compartments for added entertainment
The non-slip rubber feet keep the game in place as your dog plays and explores

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Trixie Polyester Tent for Pet, 88 × 72 × 115 cm, Grey

Ideal place for the pet on journeys, at exhibitions or tournaments
Made of polyester
Door can be completely zipped closed

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Trixie Seesaw Dog Agility Training Equipment Train New

Overall length 2,97m Base width 34cm Board width 30cm Total height 54cm

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Trixie Transport Box Aluminium

Trixie Transport Box L 93 × 64 × 81 cmWith aluminium RAH Menstabil, safe and Geräuscharmhochgeschlossene walls to create a clean stand and more safety optimum utilisation of case space thanks to the flared edge door with safety with lock with non-slip thermal … Read More

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