Amzdeal® Washable Waterproof Double Layer Dog Car Seat Hammock Cover Mat Blanket, Adjustable locking seat clasps for tight fit, Seat fasteners come with snap buckles,155*135*33cm

Protects your back seat from muddy paws, dog hair (wet & dry) and pet smells
Easy adjustable straps fasten securely to front and rear headrests, Safely satisfy a dog’s urge to look out the window while driving automobiles
Zip allows you to split the cover if required

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Arms Length Pooper Scooper

The Convienient Way to Clean Up After Dogs
Easy to assemble, use, then wash, its clever design means that you no longer need to bend down to pick up poo
Comes with a grass rake and flat scoop options, with removeable heads for easy cleaning.

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BecoThings Eco-Friendly Bag Dispenser

Made from our unique plant fibre plastic, the becopocket is not only sustainable but also biodegradab when finished with.
Unlike most other bag dispensers, the becopocket uses a unique bungee system to attach to almost any lead, strap, belt or bag
In fact the becopocket works so well, you can even attach it to a baby’s pram or inside the car boot.

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Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags – Easy tie Handles – Dog Waste Bags – 300 ps-Eco Friendly-300 Count

✅ LARGE size in both length and width (180mm x 370mm) BIODEGRADABLE poo bags are great for larger hands and larger breeds. They are big enough to keep even your two dogs poo in one bag
✅ 100% FULLY RECYCLABLE materials. These environment friendly dog poo bags are made with EPI technology, which allows them to break down in as little as 18 months! Also, it’s packaged in recyclable cardboard, so it’s more environmentally mindful to buy these in bulk. Scented bags not only could be too overwhelming but also release chemical fragrances into the atmosphere. So, our bags for dogs are unscented and do not add up to assaulting the planet.
✅ LEAK PROOF, thick and durable. These bags are very reliable. So you get the sense that your hands are being well protected and nothing nasty will get through the bags. Green colour is just dark enough so that you can’t see through the bag.

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Bunty Heritage Tartan Soft Fur Fleece Dog Bed Washable Pet Basket Mat Cushion

The Bunty Heritage dog beds are designed with comfort in mind with its high sided walls making this one of the most comfy and cosy beds on the market.
Created using ultra soft plush fur, our Heritage beds make your pet feel at home anywhere, the outer material is strong polyester in a tartan pattern.
The rubber-gripped bottom provides a firm foundation and adds an extra layer of insulation.

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Chai’s Choice Pet Products Front Range Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness

TWO ATTACHMENT POINTS FOR EXTRA CONTROL – This harness attaches in the normal back / neck area and also under the stomach area to give you extra control
ERGONOMIC DESIGN & SOFT COMFORTABLE MATERIAL- The design of this harness fits most any dog comfortably and securely and the soft sponge edges wont’ give your dog a rash or burn marks like other harnesses
ADJUSTABLE SIZING – Customizable fit with four points of adjustment allow for full range of motion

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Dog Leads Reflective 1.5M Heavy Duty Dog Leash Breathable Mesh Nylon Rope with Padded Foam Handle & Stainless Steel Hook

★DOG LEAD RETRACTABLE:1 inch wide and 50 inches long.Retractable as long as 60 inches to Hold Dogs up to 60 Kg.
★SHOCK ABSORBING DOG LEASH: Absorbs Sudden Jolts and offers Quick Control when Needed at Traffic Lights etc. Gives your beloved pet dog a little freedom while walking, jogging and running.
★PADDED FOAM HANDLE: Never dig into your hands if your dog tends to pull. Ergonomic design with a padded foam handle gives you super soft and comfortable hold

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Ecohound 240 SMALL Dog Poo Bags With Handles | Biodegradable Dog Waste Bag Rolls | Poop Bags

GO GREEN WITH Ecohound SMALL Unscented Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags On A Roll With Tie Handles
Each box contains 16 rolls of 15 bags which fit nicely into your pocket or any standard sized poop bag dispenser.
SMALL BAGS – Bags are 320 mm long closed and 58 mm in width closed on the roll. Once opened length including handles is approx 260 mm with a maximum diameter of 220 mm below the handles.

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ePeTop Pooper Scoopers Long Handle Foldable Pooper Scooper Set With 120 Poop Bags

LARGE POOPER SCOOPER: Large capacity and long handle enable pick up pet’s poo without bending down.
DURABLE: Made of Non-stick Plasctic, great to pick up poo on grass, concrete, dirt, and other surfaces.
EASY-GRIP HANDLE: Round handle makes it easier to pick up, Spring-controlled jaw clamp matches perfectly; the strong spring tension makes it more secure.

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Extra Extra Large 117cms x 75cms Waterproof Dog Bed will fit Ellie-Bo 48 inch XXL Dog Cage or Crate

Dimensions 117cms x 75cms x 10cms
Partitioned mattress reduces movement of stuffing. a common problem with inferior beds
Unlike other waterproof beds that have a plastic outercover (can you imagine anything more uncomfortable?) this bed uses a high quality oxford weave material which is both tough and waterproof.

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Flexi Design Retractable Lead

Leaves 5 m
For dogs up to 12 kg
Brake System short

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goDog Shellz with Chew Guard Technology Tough Plush Dog Toys

Features chew guard technology and double stitched seams to be tougher and last longer than standard plush toys…and we guarantee it!
Features a grunter squeaker in the body to keep play fun for fido
Soft plush in bright neon colors

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