Ancol Muddy Paws Coat and Chest Protector, S, Chocolate

Inspired by professional outdoor pursuits
Velcro fastening
Elasticated leg straps

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Ancol Poop Bag Dispenser Torch

Designed for dark night exercising
Help find your way, alert passing traffic and locating poop
Uses standard roll of poop bags

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Arms Length Pooper Scooper

The Convienient Way to Clean Up After Dogs
Easy to assemble, use, then wash, its clever design means that you no longer need to bend down to pick up poo
Comes with a grass rake and flat scoop options, with removeable heads for easy cleaning.

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Bag Em Bio Poo Bags (Pack of 50)

Scented biodegradable dog poo bags
Easy to tie handles
Environmentally friendly

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Bags on Board Dog Waste Refill Bags_P

Bags on Board Ocean Breeze Scented Dog Waste Bags makes picking up dog poop and pet waste quick, easy, and simple whether on a walk or in the backyard
The new, larger bag size (22.8cm x 35.5cm) makes it easier to tie bags, and the fresh ocean breeze scent helps mask unpleasant odours
Strong and durable dog waste bags are thick enough to hold any mess – 100% leak-proof

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Bags on Board Extra Thick Hand Armour Dog Waste Tie-Handle Bags

Bags on Board Hand Armor Extra Thick Dog Waste Bags take the yuck out of picking up dog and pet waste whether on a walk or in the backyard
Hand Armor extra thick dog poop bags are 2x thicker than regular Bags on Board dog waste bags, making pick up less unpleasant and trapping in more odour
Extra thickness of the bags reduces tactile sensations of picking up dog waste, giving you anti-yuk protection

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Bags On Board Patterned Refill Rol

fashionable Designs
Leak Proof

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Beaphar Gentle Leader Medium Black

Strong & long lasting
Soft weave for comfort
Easy to fit

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BecoThings Eco-Friendly Bag Dispenser

Made from our unique plant fibre plastic, the becopocket is not only sustainable but also biodegradab when finished with.
Unlike most other bag dispensers, the becopocket uses a unique bungee system to attach to almost any lead, strap, belt or bag
In fact the becopocket works so well, you can even attach it to a baby’s pram or inside the car boot.

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BecoThings Eco-Friendly Poo Bag Refills

Degrades in 90- 120 days
Extra thick and extra long 33 cm x 22.5 cm
Natural and earthy look

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Beeztees Poop Grab with 20 Bags, 14 x 10 x 16 cm_P

Extra hygiene
Dog litter & housetraining/pooper scoopers & bags

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BioBag Dog Waste Poop Bags 150 Pack(3x 50 pk) – 100% Biodegradable & Compostable

100% Biodegradable & Compostable – Perfect For The Responsible Dog Owner
Dispatched In Reusable Packaging – No Gimmick, Just Common Sense
150 Bags Per Order, 50 Bags Per Pack. 320mm x 200mm In Dimension

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