Clean Go Pet Rake-Style Sanitary Dog Poop Scoop Set, Chrome-Plated Steel

Unlike other scoops, the handles of these are fitted with a spring-loaded locking pin that allows them to be assembled and disassembled at the push of a button
Rake style is for use on grass
Measures 36″L when assembled; only 19″L when disassembled

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Crazy Shop Plastic Pet Dog Puppy Pooper Scooper Waste Pickup Clip-Random Color, 1PC

Product Name : Pickup Pooper Scooper

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Daily Essentials dog poo bags – Bulk Buy Multi Pack with Huge Savings – Poop Bags for Dogs Waste 200, 400, 600 or 1200 bags

Pleasantly Fragrance to mask odour
200 bags per box – multi packs for huge savings
each bag measures 26cm x 19cm, (including handles)

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Dicky Bag Dog Waste Bag, Medium, Midnight Blue

Never again carry an awkward smelly bag on your dog walk.
Carrying poo isn’t a good look, but the dicky bag is! love your dog but love yourself too.
Unique patented award winning design, made in cornwall and lasts for years, machine washable

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DNY© 24″ Pet Dog Cat Waste Easy Clean Pickup Picker Jaw Pooper Scooper Poo Remover Grabber, Poop Scoop – Heavy Duty | Multi Function

Easy to use design and high quality product with Strong Robust Jaws
The large scoop head allows a one shot pick up
Convinient and useful Ideal gift for pet owners

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Dog Doo Good Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags (x250) – eco-friendly, large, strong, scented plastic doggy poop bags with tie handles, recyclable packaging and no-bag-split guarantee

SUPER STRONG bags are 15 microns thick meaning no splitting even in long grass or weeds
LARGE bags are great for any-sized dog or multi-dog households with zero chance of overspill or contact with you or your clothes
SUBTLY-SCENTED bags puts a stop to poo smells wafting out of bags and easy-tie handles make picking up poop zero hassle

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Dog Lead Retractable, Tech Traders 5M Extendable Dog/Pet Leads/Leash with Waste Bag Dispenser and Poop Bags Extendable Tape Lead Belt for Dogs Pets Puppy up to 50KG/5m (110 lbs/16ft) (50kg-with waste bag Dispenser, Black)

Extendable Retractable 5M/16ft Pet Dog Training Lead Leash Hold Max 50KG, Extending cord giving your dog great freedom of movement
This Tech Traders polyester retractable dog leash is made with Strong and Durable ABS material.
Tech Traders dog Lead comes with an easy-to-use clip-on poop bag dispenser (and a roll of poop bag) that fits well with the dog lead and does not dangle around

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Dog Pet Pooper Scooper Jaw Poop Scoop Clean Pick Up Waste 24 Blue Colour

Pick up your pet’s waste without bending down
The large scoop head allows a one shot pick up
Convenient and useful

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Dog Pet Pooper Scooper Long Handle Poo Remover Grabber ,Waste Pickup Easy Clean Indoor/Outdoor Use – Great in Grass, Snow, Dirt, Cement

Pick up your pet’s waste without bending, keep you away from the stench.
You can use the garbage bag to trap the poop shovel,then use it to clean.
Claw and spring designs are more likely to finish cleaning up work on the grass, gravel and cement.

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Dog Poo Bags Biodegradable by Ecopaw | 300 Large Scented Poop Bags (20 Rolls of Strong Heavy Duty bags) | FREE Dispenser / Holder for your Pets Lead |Suitable for Small and Big Doggy waste | Extra Thick Leak Proof | No need for Pooper Scooper – Pop in any Doggie Doo Bin | 100% Money Back Guarantee | Available on Amazon Prime

REDUCING YOUR CARBON PAW PRINT – Feel good knowing you have chosen a product that is essential to your pet and yet environmentally friendly. Our poo bags are not only 100% biodegradable but all our packaging is made from recycled material and is recyclable!
HIGH QUALITY LARGE THICK BAGS – Measuring 22.86 x 33.02cm ecopaw bags are designed to give your hand room so you can pick up your dogs waste, whatever size it may be! Avoid any unwanted leaks or tares using our strong, thick bags that can hold up to 2kgs!
FRESH SCENT – No one likes the smell that follows after cleaning up after our pets so we have added a fresh scent to our ecopaw bags to mask any unwanted odours.

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Dog Poo Bags Large OXO Biodegradable by Easipet

Dog Poo Bags
Certified OXO Biodegradable Product. Tested in UK.
Size: 180mm x 120mm x 360mm

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Dog Poop Collector Portable Waste Bags for Dog with Soft Silicone Clip Pooper Scooper Dog Tail Holder Hands Free Dog Faeces Container 20 Pcs Bags Suitable for all pet dogs

Easy-Operation: just clip the soft silicone clip around your dog’s tail, the poop bag will stay on puppy’s anus and wait for collect his or her poop. And then you only need do one action: push the release button,waste bag full of poop will drop down into the bin, so easy!
Hand Free: you don’t need be anymore a poop picker even though you will never complain. But if you have this blue moon choice, why don’t you just give this work to our automatic poop collection bags (almost!) and liberate your hands .
Soft And Comfort: internal part against your dog’s tail is made of soft silicone, you can see it clearly in the picture, it won’t cause any hurt to your baby pet, he just feels noting and you don’t need find a proper poop place for him, he can solve his big trouble of his life at any place any time. Yes, healthy life!

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