Happy Pet Products Petgear Dog Seat Belt

Keeps dogs safe & secure in cars
Connects harness to seat belt lock
Adjustable for comfortable fit

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Kong Tugger Knots Dog Toy

Interactive tug and shake dog toy.
Knotted ropes inside for a realistic feel, which extend outside the toy creating tug handles at both ends.
Contains a squeaker for added fun.

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Pedigree Care Easi Scoop

Clean, easy method of removing droppings.
A handy and hygienic device to help quickly and safely lift and dispose of dog mess.
Comes complete with 20 bags.

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Rosewood 40 Winks Tweed And Plush Pet Bed (Assorted Colours)

This tweed and plush bed is suitable for both cats and small dogs.
Size: 48cm (19in).
Please note that this product may come in assorted colours, you may receive a random colour.

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Rosewood Rope Twist Dog Lead

Rope dog lead.
Trigger hook attachment.
Incorporates 3M scotchlite fabric in weaving to give better visibility in all conditions.

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Trixie Dog Pick-Up Poop Scooper

24 × 10 pcs Dog Pick Up dog poop scooper.
Includes bag.

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