The patented CLIX CarSafe Harness provides comfort for the dog, both in the car and whilst walking.
It is extremely strong, secure and safe as it is made from safety-standard seat-belt material.
Extremely comfortable, padded material, featuring a unique ‘X-Cross’ design for strength and security.

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Folding Zippered 360° Vista View House Pet Crate

Great for indoor and outdoor use
Snaps mechanically closed and buckles in place for portability

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HALTI Collar

Dog collar.
Two tone webbing.

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Kong Air

Pack of three tennis balls.
Perfect for retrieval.
Floats in water.

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KONG Classic Dog Toy

Mentally stimulating toy, offering enrichment by helping satisfy dog’s instinctual needs
KONG Classic red rubber formula for average chewers
Unpredictable bounce for games of fetch

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KONG Snacks Puppy

The Puppy Binkie promotes proper chewing behaviour.
Specially designed for the teething puppy
The Puppy Binkie helps soothe sore gums.

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Kong Wildknots Bears – PARENT ASIN

Dog toy which is soft and cuddly on the outside while durable and strong on the inside.
An internal knotted rope skeleton and the reinforced plush body provides extra durability.
Less stuffing for less mess.

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