Kong Air Squeaker Tennis Balls Size: Medium (9 Balls in Total)

Combines two canine favorites; the squeaker toy and the tennis ball
Made in the USA from durable, high-quality tennis-ball material
Hidden squeaker; felt covering won’t abrade dogs’ teeth

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KONG Air Squeakers Tennis Ball Dog Toy 12 Medium Balls

The Air KONG Squeakers Tennis Ball Dog Toy 3 Pack is great for those tennis ball obsessed dogs who just love retrieval games.
Made from a tough tennis ball material with built in squeaker, the Air KONG Squeakers float in water making them perfect whatever your surroundings.
You should check your dog’s toys regularly for signs of wear and damage; removing worn and damaged toys immediately.

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Kong AirDog Squeaker Tennis Ball Standard Regular Size x 12 Medium Bulk Bargain

12 x Tennis ball
Stronger than your average dog tennis ball
fits in ball launchers, perfect for games of fetch / retrieve

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KONG Anxiety Reducing Shirt

Snug fitting anxiety reducing dog shirt.
Great for soothing dogs during long car rides, thunderstorms, or separation anxiety.
Patent pending wrap around design and lavender sachet help calm anxious dogs.

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KONG Ball with Hole Dog Toy, Red

Rubber dog ball.
Made from tough natural rubber.
Size: Large- 8cm.

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KONG Ballistic Hide ‘N Treat Assorted, Medium

This durable plush toy delivers two-in-one action, as a mentally challenging treat puzzle and doubling as a fetch toy when closed.
Designed with heavy-duty pockets and non-abrasive touch fastening enclosures to hide treats and occupy dogs through varying levels of difficulty while providing a comfortable chewing experience.
Open the pockets for an easy challenge and close to increase the difficulty.

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KONG Barnyard Cruncheez Sheep Dog Toy, Large

A great alternative to a squeaky toy!
The interior bottle creates an enticing crunch sound.
Also rattles for added play-time fun!

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Kong Bounzer, Parent

Dog toy which compresses when picked up by your dog, releasing air from the toy which encourages self-play.
It bounces right back to its original shape.
The top handle makes throwing even easier.

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KONG Classic Dog Toy

Mentally stimulating toy, offering enrichment by helping satisfy dog’s instinctual needs
KONG Classic red rubber formula for average chewers
Unpredictable bounce for games of fetch

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KONG CuteSeas European

Ideal toy for Dogs
Pet safe
Made in US

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KONG Dental Stick Dog Toy, Red

Dog dental sticks.
Designed to help remove plaque and food debris from a dogs mouth as they chew it.
Specially designed grooves close over teeth and gently clean and condition both teeth and gums, even those at the back of the mouth.

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KONG Dog Training Toy

Training dummy for dogs.
This highly visible foam dummy is a great toss-and-retrieve toy that teaches dogs to use a soft-mouth carry.
Floats for use in water or can be used on land.

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