[ 31 rolls = 465 count + 1 Dispenser] Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags | Dog Waste Bags,PET-FAMILY Eco-friendly High Quality Large, Scented, Leak-Proof Pet Waste Bags, with Easy-Tie Handles Lead Clip & Dispenser

[ 465bags = 31 roll * 15bag + 1 dispenser ] you will get total 465 bags/ 31rolls dog waste bag, and 1 dispenser with lead clip.
[ unscented & Biodegradable material ] The pickup bags are unscented, no artificial, no worry about chemical smell caused allergies and illnesses.and bags material were processed with EPI technology which means they’re designed to dissolve in as little as 18 months under-earth. Totally environmentally friendly product.
[ Leak Proof bag ] the waste bag had been 1000+ times water test before trading, they structured with stronger edge, which make bag robust and never worry about leak off.

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Dog car seat cover with flaps, seat cover for dog, [ 137x147cm /54″x58″ ] [ two safety belt ] Scratch Proof & Nonslip Heavy Duty Pet car Hammock. Seat Anchors Machine Washable, Durable

【Perfect car door protect = Zippered Side flaps + Hammock rope】Different with other seat cover on market, this item structured with 2 Zippered side flaps, which can excellently protect you car door and window from dog’s scratch or other damage, that means no worry about door leather be scratch、door key button be broken and window accessories be damage form dog’s activity, that can save a lot of money from accessory replacement and car maintenance.
【2 fashion belts for dog safety】The pet safety belt is made from the Nylon and steel. That very sturdy, durable and heavy duty. which can stop dog getting on to the front seat to disturb you driving,and stop the pet from trying to jump out the car when you open the door. The more important is to keep your dog safety on emergency stop/brakes even car crash.
【Side flap for dog protect】This item offered 2 side flaps which work as Guardrail for car door and dog when window lay down, co-operate with safety belt, Safely satisfy a dog’s urge to look out the window while driving automobiles.

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