Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool For Pet Grooming

Simple, One-Handed Operation The innovative click on/click off design makes it easy to bathe your pet
Adapters Included for Indoor and Outdoor Use
Sprayer AND Scrubber in Your Palm Water sprays from rubber scrubbers in your palm, allowing you to soak, scrub, and rinse your pet by injecting water deep into their fur

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Folding Dog Travel Ramp

The plastic feet at the end of the ramp are over-moulded with soft rubber to prevent scratching and to grip onto the car. maximum
Maximum dog weight 35kg.
Assists dog mobility in and out of cars.

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GET Off 2044402″Indoor and Outdoor Cat/Dog Fouling Remover” Cleaner Neutraliser – White

Cleans away the scent of urine and deters pets from fouling and territory marking outside, on walls, fences, gates.
Can be used indoor as well as outdoors
Can be used as a training aid

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Leaps & Bounds Peanut Choc Woof-Bar for Dogs (100gx12)

Dog safe peanut choc woof bar with added vitamins and minerals.
Sugar and gluten free.
Complementary pet food for dogs.

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Rosewood Luxury Leather Dog Lead, 40 x 3/4 inch, tartan tweed check

Made of High QUALITY Fabric and LEATHER and Beautifully Stitched
CAREFULLY and THOUGHTFULLY Designed in UK For Dogs Who Deserve The Best

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Rosewood 19604 Snuggles Two-Way Hooded Bed

A hooded bed that can be used tall and narrow or long and short
Ideal for guinea pigs, ferrets or rats
Plush lining with poly cotton outer. wipe clean, nylon back

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Rosewood 40 Winks Deep Plush Donut Bed, 20-inch , Parent

A deep plush donut shaped pet bed.
Ideal for snuggling into on cold winter nights.
Sizing: 20in (50.5cm) and 27in (68.5cm).

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Rosewood 40 Winks Orthopedic Bed, 26-inch, Parent

An orthopedic pet bed which provides additional support for bones and joints.
Sizes: 26in (66cm) and 34in (86cm).

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Rosewood 40 Winks Plush/Tweed Teddy Bear Pet Mattress_p

Unique luxury pet mattress.
Lovely neutral coloured tweed outer material.
Outer material is complemented by a soft teddy bear fleece fabric.

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Rosewood 40 Winks Snuggle Plush Pet Bed, Grey/Cream_p

Snuggle plush oval bed.
Soft luxury plush cream inner.
Unique grey patterned plush on the outside.

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Rosewood Adjustable Double Diner

Two bowls in a holder for dogs.
Bowl level adjusts to fit your dog at any age or stage.
Aids digestion and reduces neck and joint strain by allowing your dog to stand upright in a more relaxed posture.

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Rosewood Bone Plush Dog Mattress, 22 x 15-Inch

Grey mattress with stylish bone pattern.
Outer material made from soft plush lining.
Sizes designed to fit inside our Rosewood Options Dog Crates.

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