Halti Headcollar

The HALTI Headcollar, is simple to fit and easy to use and its unique patented design is a highly effective but gentle way to stop dogs from pulling on the lead
It works by steering the dog’s head in the direction the owner wants to go and therefore the body has to follow, ensuring a comfortable lead walking experience for all
Designed by Dr Roger Mugford in 1979, it is the original and still the best headcollar available, recommended by vets and animal experts worldwide

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Pet Head Dry Clean, 450 ml

Blueberry Muffin scented waterless spray shampoo – great for road trips or a quick freshen up between baths
A convenient and fast way to clean your pet – this spray-on non-rinsing shampoo cleanses the coat without water
Great to keep in the car for those unpleasant rolling moments!!

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Pet Head Furtastic Crème Rinse, 475 ml

Blueberry Muffin scented conditioning crème rinse – perfect for curly and long coats
This deep conditioning cream rinse combines emollients and moisturizing agents to deliver a tangle-free, soft, silky coat
Oat proteins strengthen and nourish the coat and calendula restores coat vitality whilst soothing skin

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Pet Head High Maintenance Leave in Conditioner, 251.3 ml

Strawberry Yoghurt scented leave-in conditioner – being high-maintenance never looked so good
First shampoo and rinse, then smooth this leave-in conditioner all over to provide instant shine and hair condition while leaving no residue to weigh down the coat
Lavender and flower oils calm and heal skin. Pro-vitamin B5 coats the hair and smooths its surface, making coats shiny

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Pet Head Paw and Body Wipes, Pack of 50

Orangelicious scented wipes – perfect for keeping your dog looking good and feeling great
Ideal for cleaning paws after walks, these hypoallergenic wipes can also freshen up doggy faces or even wipe their booty as needed
50 hypoallergenic wipes per pack – each wipe is 203mm (L) x 152mm (W)

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Pet Head Poof Magical Deodorising Spray 450 ml

Yummy Orange scented deodorising spray – great for dog odour emergencies
This quick and easy spray, neutralises and eliminates odours on contact, so spray on your pet in between baths or after play in the park to keep your best friend smelling fresh
Keep a bottle in the car for dealing with that dreaded, smelly, roll-on experience

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Pet Head Puppy Fun Tearless Shampoo, 475ml

Yummy Orange scented tearless shampoo – perfect for puppies
This hypoallergenic tearless shampoo is extra gentle and free of harsh chemicals
Shea butter and safflower oils nourish skin, whilst also helping to restore suppleness and elasticity in coats

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The Company of Animals CLIX House Line 2.5m,Assorted color

Indoor training lead, to help stop unwanted behaviour.
Designed to help interrupt bad behaviour
Lightweight lead

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The Company of Animals CLIX Lightweight Recall Line 5m

The CLIX Lightweight Recall Line is ideal for recall training with puppies and small dogs
It allows a dog to run free yet remain under control if walking in a public place
Additionally, it is excellent for controlled socialisation of puppies and for dogs with aggression issues

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The Company of Animals Clix No Bark Collar_Parent

Designed to stop unwanted barking.
The collar features a microphone which detects barking and automatically emits either a sound or vibration to interrupt the dogs barking.
Ergonomic shape is comfortable for the dog to wear and the muted grey colour has a more subtle appearance.

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The Company of Animals CLIX Universal Seatbelt Adapter

The CLIX Universal Seat Belt Restraint, is the perfect solution when travelling with your dog
The trigger hook means you can attach the adapter directly to any regular dog harness
It is designed to be easily secured by plugging straight into the existing seat belt socket (not suitable for Volvo or Saab cars)

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The Company of Animals HALTI All-in-One Lead

The HALTI All-In-One Lead provides great versatility and comfort for owners out and about with their dog.
Designed with a neoprene handle for comfort, this multi-function lead can also double as a tie-out tether; or be extended to use as a belt, ideal for running or hands-free control.
The base of the lead has a super-strong elastic shock absorber, protecting both dog and owner from any sudden jolts.

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