Dog Activity Agility Tunnel – Create A Varied Fitness Program For Your Dog To Keep Him Fit And Healthy

500 x 60 x 60 cm (L x W x H)
Conforms to FCI (World Canine Federation) standards
Tunnel is 60 cm diameter

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Pine Wood Activity Agility Seesaw – Perfect for Providing your Dog with A Varied Fitness Program While you Build On your Relationship Together

This agility seesaw is made of stained pine wood.
Comes with a special no-slip covering so that your dog can walk safely.
Maximum weight capacity is 80kg.

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Trixie 39581 Therm’o’ Dog Insulation for Dog Kennel # 39551

Made of durable polyester
With foam padding
Ideal protection from the cold and damp

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Trixie Dog Activity Agility Dogwalk, 456 x 64 x 30 cm

An eventful fitness programme
With contact zones marked by colour
Non-slip rubber coating for a secure grip

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Trixie Natural Rubber Dog Disc

It is a good interactive toy
Durable and floatable toy
Low risk of injury

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Trixie Polyester Tent for Pet, 88 × 72 × 115 cm, Grey

Ideal place for the pet on journeys, at exhibitions or tournaments
Made of polyester
Door can be completely zipped closed

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Trixie Seesaw Dog Agility Training Equipment Train New

Overall length 2,97m Base width 34cm Board width 30cm Total height 54cm

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Trixie Transport Box Aluminium

Trixie Transport Box L 93 × 64 × 81 cmWith aluminium RAH Menstabil, safe and Geräuscharmhochgeschlossene walls to create a clean stand and more safety optimum utilisation of case space thanks to the flared edge door with safety with lock with non-slip thermal … Read More

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